About us

Meet Iza & Nico – the young but experienced founders of Baikara.

Our passion

Our two biggest passions are traveling and photography. That’s why we decided to create Baikara and connect these two activities. Our desire is to show you all the magical places that we’ve had the chance to visit. If you travel with us, we will enrich your experience and show you astounding places with different eyes. We focus on authentic and less touristic experiences.

‘get immersed in another culture’
‘respect for locals’
‘find authenticity’
‘preserve the culture’

Our story
We met in China where we have lived for about 2 years. After our studies in Asia we decided to take the transsiberian train back home. After our experience in Asia, we moved to South America where we set up our first travel agency www.alpinca.com focused on South America, especially Peru & Bolivia. We have lived in Peru for about 3 years, where we learned a lot about photography and organisation of expeditions. Until these days we are thinking of new places to explore. Having known South America and Asia very well, we would love to go to Africa for a couple of months to capture the beauty of this continent.

The secret of our success?



Iza and Nicolas

With Iza & Nicolas you won’t be lost! They both speak 5 languages: french, polish, english, spanish and chinese. It helps them a lot while traveling. Nicolas is a mountain & photography lover, he will take you to the most astounding places for trekking. He never stops saying how beautiful the particular place is (even if he visited it five times!) : that’s what we call ” The love to travel”! Well, he is French and from time to time, he needs a good wine and smelly cheese…Izabela, with her never-ending-smile, is a people lover, passionate about traveling too, especially when it comes to meet people, their culture, traditions, life stories…You should definitely see her youtube videos where she talks about her travels and experiences with locals!

Founder & CEO


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Our Travel Agency in Peru and South America

We have about 4 years experience in tailoring travels in Peru and in the other countries around. Have a look at our travel website : www.alpinca.com

Travel with us!